Woodbenchtopplaner is a site I started to provide honest reviews on the best benchtop planers in the market. The idea for starting this site came when a friend of mine needed a benchtop planer and he was confused as to the one he wanted to buy due to the fact that there are lots of crap in the market.

The one he was using before did not last very long and he did not want to make the same mistake of buying another crappy benchtop planer and suffering for it. He asked for my advice and we researched a lot of these benchtop planers in order to buy one.

Researching benchtop planers was not easy for us because there were very few places we could get accurate, honest reviews about the product. That is how the idea of starting a wood benchtop planer site came into my mind.

The Motive of this site

Our motive is to provide honest reviews of the best wood benchtop planer and other woodworking tools in order to help people avoid the mistake my friend made when he bought a crappy one at first. If you are looking for a honest review of the best wood benchtop planer, you will find it here.

If you would like to buy a new benchtop planer for your woodworking workshop, do check out our honest review of the best benchtop planers here in woodbenchtopplaner.com