The Best Buyer’s Guide To Wood Planer For Craftsmen

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If you want to cut a piece of wood to a particular thickness, then you need a good wood planer at your disposal in your workshop to do the job. There are lots of wood planers out there with different functions and features.

As a result, picking the right one for the job you need it for might be difficult. That is why we have put together this guide to help people choose the right wood planer required for whatever kind of job they need it for.

Here is a list of some of the best wood planers and their different functionalities

Benchtop Wood Planers

If you just need a wood planer for your home workshop, then benchtop planers are the kind of wood planers you need. In contrast with heavy duty planers which can chew through hardwood and produce deep cuts, benchtop planers can only cut through 1/16″ inches at a time.

They are ideal for hobbyists and those who enjoy the simple joy and fun in woodworking and the creation of their own pieces of furniture at home.

Here are some of the best benchtop wood planers you can choose from.

DeWALT DW735 13 Inch Benchtop Wood Planer

dewalt benchtop wood planer

Whether you are a hobbyist or wood crafter, this is one of the best benchtop wood planer anyone can have in his workshop. No matter the kind of wood you feed into the DeWALT DW735 wood planer, it can handle it because it is equipped with a very powerful 10000 rpm motor which can readily get the job done for you.

There are many other features of the DeWALT  DW735 wood planer which you can check out here in this post.

There are other fantastic benchtop planers you can choose from.

Other benchtop wood planers include the DeWALT DW734 planer, the WEN 6550 12.5 inch planer and the Triton TPT high-performance benchtop wood planer.

Heavy Duty Wood Planers

As the name implies, these planers are meant for huge production jobs. They come with 3+ horse power motors and are able to chew through hardwood quickly no matter the depth of the cut.

If you are looking for a wood planer with these features, here are some of the best ones you can find.

Powermatic 1791213 15HH 3 HP 15 Inch Wood Planerpowermatic heavy duty wood planer

This is a heavy duty wood planer equipped with a 3 HP TEFC motor. The motor is controlled by a magnetic switch for safety reasons.

The planer comes with a helical cutter-head which provide very smooth cuttings and finishing far better than conventional planer knives.

You can check out the full features of this planer by viewing it on Amazon below.

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Jet-JWP-208HH Wood Planer

Jet-JWP-208HH Wood Planer

This planer is a beast. It comes with a 5 HP TEFC induction motor, which means it can easily chew through hardwood quickly no matter the depth of the cut.

It has a helical insert cutterhead with carbide inserts which produces superior and clean finishes and with less noise or during operation.

Check out the full features of this monster by viewing it on Amazon.

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Hand Wood Planers

Hand wood planers are very common wood planing tools you can find in almost every workshop. They are not heavy and are very easy to carry about, which makes it possible to use them both inside and outside the workshop.

They are mostly used for small planing jobs. There are two types of hand wood planers

Electric operated hand wood planers and manual hand wood planers.

Manual hand wood planers don’t require electricity to operate. You power and control them with your arm muscle. An example is the Stanley 12-136 No.4.

Stanley 12-136 No.4

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Electric hand planers require electricity to operate and they are divided into corded and cordless wood planers.

Corded Wood Planers

Here are some examples of the corded type of wood planers:

DeWALT DW680k 7 Wood Planer 

DeWALT DW680k 7 Wood Planer 

This planer comes with a very powerful 7.0 Amp motor which provides smooth and even finishes in any kind of wood no matter the hardness. It has a maximum cut of 3/32 inch in one pass which helps to reduce the amount of passes on the matterial.

With this planer, there is no to re-zero your depth when planing because it has a calibrated depth adjustment knob for accurate depth setting.

You can check out the full features of the DeWalt  DW680k wood planer here.

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BOSCH PL2632K Wood Planer

BOSH PL2632K Wood Planer

The Bosh PL2632K planer is a very powerul wood planer with a speed of 16,500 RPM  and a 6.5 Amp motor which enables it to quickly remove hard stocks and produce fine finishes in both hard and soft wood.

For safety reasons, it has an ambidextrous lock-off release button which helps to prevent accidental starts and a lock-on button in case you intend to use it for a long time without switching it off.

It comes with a spring loaded stand which elevates it and protects the blade and the resting spot on the material being worked on.

Check out the full features of this wood planer using the button below.

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Cordless Wood Planers

Cordless wood planers are hand wood planers powered with batteries. Here are some of the best among them.

Makita XPKO1Z Lithium-Ion Cordless Wood Planer

Makita XPKO1Z Lithium-Ion Cordless Wood Planer

This planer is equipped with a 2-blade cutter head. The blades are double edged carbide blades which increase the performance of the planer and produces smooth and better finishes.

It has a 14,000 RPM motor which is engineered to quickly remove stocks and produce better finishes.

Check out the full features of the Makita XPKO1Z wood planer by clicking the button below.

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HITACHI P18DSLP4 Lithium-Ion  Cordless Wood Planer

HITACHI P18DSLP4 Lithium-Ion  Cordless Wood Planer

The Hitachi wood planer comes with an 18-Volt lithium ion slide type battery for long operation time.

It has a cutting width and depth of 3-1/4″ and 5/64″ respectively which ensures there is less number of cutts to produce a fine finish on the material.

The Hitachi planer’s handle is a soft grip handle which improves comfort and reduces fatigue while working with it.

It has a remaining battery indicator which helps to notify the user when the remaining run time is getting low.

The planer also has a safety stand attached to the side to prevent the blade from accidentally coming in contact with the user when it is not being used.

You can check out the full features of the Hitachi wood planer by clicking the button below.

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There are different wood planers meant for different kinds of jobs. Whether you are handling a huge production job or you just need a planer to handle small furniture projects at home, you can choose from the wide variety of wood planers we’ve listed above. We are sure that they will meet your expectations.

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