Grizzly Thickness Planer Review | Everything You Need To Know

grizzly thickness planer

Is the 12-1/2-inch Grizzly thickness planer the right planer for your workshop?

We have sought the advice of many professionals who have used the Grizzly thickness planer and after careful consideration, we have decided to put down our review of this thickness planer.

If you have been wondering whether to purchase the Grizzly thickness planer or not, then this article will answer some of the questions that might have been going through your mind.

Feature of the G0505 12-1/2-inch Grizzly Thickness Planer

The question you need to ask yourself before buying any thickness planer is, does it produce a very smooth and accurate surface on the wood surface after planing?

This is a necessary quality that every planer should possess at least. Your thickness planer should produce a smooth surface that requires very little sanding and it should produce very accurate thickness on the wood.grizzly thickness planer

The Grizzly thickness planer is such a machine. It is a machine that is both light to carry around and produces very fine cuts and smooth finishes. Even though it is very light, it does not lack muscle and design quality.

The planer comes with a 2 HP motor, a 10000 RPM cutter head and a feed rate of 32 FPM. The return rollers are top-mounted and it features extra large table extensions. Other small features such as the 1/8” thick knives shows that the grizzly thickness planer is not something that will be around for just a short time.

It has a maximum cutting width of 12-1/2 Inch, a maximum cutting heaight of 6 Inch, a maximum cut depth of 3/32 Inch and a minimum board thickness of 13/64 Inch.

The cutter-head consist of double edge HSS knives, with a 10000 RPM. It comes with an On/Off toggle switch and a safety lock. It also has a thermal overload protection to prevent overheating which can course damage to the machine.

The G0505 Grizzly thickness planer also includes a knife setting jig and a wrench. The height adjustment of the planer is very accurate. So you can be sure that your wood will come out planed just at the right size.

The verdict: On the G0505 Grizzly thickness planer

Overall, the G0505 12-1/2 Inch Grizzly thickness planer is a very good planer. It does a good job.

Do we recommend it? Yes, we do.

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