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​Woodbenchtopplaner.com provides insight on Woodworking tools and ideas. Our original purpose of this website was to cover everything about wood benchtop planers, helping beginner woodworkers make an informed and review-backed decisions when purchasing these power tools.

After achieving ​a lot of success in that, we decided to expand our site to cover ​more woodworking power tools and ideas. We cover tool reviews, buyer's guides, tips, plans and ideas to help you succeed with your woodworking projects.

​Why Wood Planers

Why did we start with wood planers or thickness planers? The reason is simple.

The nature of our present day woodworking involves milling lumber and dimensioning it to a state where it is fine, smooth and easy to work with, so we can use it carry out fine woodworking.

Without tools like a thickness planers, you can’t carry out fine woodworking. You can still work with wood, but it can never be fine woodworking because the lumber or boards you’d use will be rough and not smooth to the touch or pleasing to the eyes​.

​On the other hand, with a thickness planer together with other power tools like jointers and sanders, you can mill and plane rough lumber to a state where it is smooth and suitable for use in fine woodworking.

​Portable thickness planers or benchtop planers makes it possible for professional woodworkers to plane and dimension lumber on the jobsite.

It also makes it possible for DIY woodworkers and weekend warriors to have a portable means of dimensioning their own lumber so that they can carry out their DIY woodworking projects successfully.

With that said, below are some of the tool categories and woodworking ideas we cover on this site.

​Thickness Planers


​Air Tools


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